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AKSIMED to unveil a new version of the Hospital Information System “AKSi-clinic”

AKSIMED to unveil a new version of the Hospital Information System “AKSi-clinic”


AKSIMED to unveil a new version of the Hospital Information System “AKSi-clinic”

AKSIMED Ltd. (http://www.aksimed.ru) has issued a new version of the Hospital Information System (HIS) “AKSi-clinic”. The version 7.15 includes:

  • the more comprehensive information coverage of the whole process of treatment and diagnostics – from further improvement and development of the electronic medical record (EMR) of the patient reflecting the course and results of the medical treatment and appointed manipulations and to expanding the functions of the discharge epicrisis;
  • a special accent on the diagnostics and prophylaxis programs which are growingly important and increasingly required by medical institutions (MI). These programs allow the early detection of cardio-vascular illnesses, the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) illnesses and urinogenital problems;
  • the wider capabilities of the data exchange between HIS “AKSi-clinic” and other information systems.

For instance, the HIS users now can promptly receive the data on the appointed manipulations and medicines – broken down by days and showing the real progress of treatment. The new functions have appeared in the EMR’s Sections “List of Prescriptions” and “Observation Plan”.

Along with the state-owned, municipal and commercial MI, the HIS “AKSi-clinic” is also widely used in the corporate polyclinics and hospitals (such as, for example, in medical institutions incorporated in the “GAZPROM” State Concern). The new option providing for the forming of the regular professional medical examination chart for a certain list of patients (i.e. the personnel working in unhealthy conditions).

The line of typical configurations of HIS “AKSi-clinic” was also upgraded. The HIS interface for the largest segment of clients – the Polyclinics configuration - has become more graphic and convenient. In the Sanatorium/Recreation center configuration, the export of data on patients to the Passports and Visas Service was developed.

Yuri Logachev, President of “AKSIMED Ltd.”: «The products of our company have repeatedly been awarded the winners’ prizes at the most prestigious eHealth competitions held under the aegis of Ministry of Health and Social Security of the Russian Federation – “The best Hospital Information System”. The new version of HIS “AKSi-clinic” has once again confirmed the high level of AKSIMED’s solutions and their conformity with the latest trends in the medical information technologies and the relevant requirements of the medical institutions.

About “AKSIMED Ltd.”. The leading developer and vendor of comprehensive eHealth solutions in Russia and the CIS countries. The company designs, supplies, installs and services the HIS in the state-owned, commercial and departmental medical institutions, state health authorities, medical insurance funds, universities and research centers.

The staff of highly-skilled software designers and the vast partners network of “AKSIMED Ltd.”provide for creation, installation and complex technical support of the effective eHealth solutions of any scale – from a single medical institution to the branch or federal network.


Contact information. Igor Lukashov, Marketing & PR Manager. Phone/fax: +7 (495) 645-8690. info@aksimed.ru

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