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Microsoft confirms the HIS AKSi-clinic is capable to be installed on Windows 7 platform

Microsoft confirms the HIS AKSi-clinic is capable to be installed on Windows 7 platform


Microsoft confirms the HIS AKSi-clinic is capable to be installed on Windows 7 platform

AKSIMED Ltd. (http://www.aksimed.ru) herewith informs that its flagship eHealth solution – the Hospital Information System (HIS) AKSi-clinic — has successfully passed the test for its readiness to be installed on Windows 7 platform (Windows 7 Platform Ready). Thus, it was confirmed that the HIS AKSi-clinic fully met the requirements of the Microsoft Corporation, including the possibility of joint work of the HIS users and efficient usage of the resources of the operational system Windows 7 itself.

The Hospital Information System AKSi-clinic provides for the comprehensive automation of the key business procedures of medical institutions of any type (polyclinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, recreation centers and other types of healthcare institutions) and any form of property (the state-owned, municipal, departmental and commercial medical institutions). The HIS AKSi-clinic has been put into operation and is currently successfully functioning in the leading medical centers, including the healthcare institutions of the “Gazprom” enterprises, the major Russian recreational sanatoriums, hospitals and clinics in Moscow and in the Russian regions, commercial medical institutions and networks. The high technological level of the Hospital Information System AKSi-clinic has been certified by the Diploma of “the Best HIS” competition held under the auspices of the corresponding Federal Ministry, and now the “collection of awards” of this system has increased by receiving the Windows 7 Platform Ready Certificate.

«Presently, the healthcare information technologies in Russia are developing more actively, and the healthcare institutions and clinics are in need of the Hospital Information systems capable of effective inter-operating with other best IT-solutions, - notes Mr. Yuri Logachev, the President of AKSIMED Ltd., - In view of this, it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of the Windows 7 Platform Ready confirmation for the HIS AKSi-clinic, the more so as our company has already had the experience of successful cooperation with Microsoft Corporation. It is sufficient to mention that one more product of AKSIMED Ltd. – the first in Russia free Hospital Information system AKSi-office — was among the five best products recommended to be used by healthcare institutions, as a result of the Microsoft4Doctors competition».

You can view the detailed description of the HIS AKSi-clinic functionality, the screen-shots and the information about the successful projects at the web-site of AKSIMED Ltd.

About “AKSIMED Ltd.”. The leading developer and vendor of comprehensive eHealth solutions in Russia and the CIS countries. The company designs, supplies, installs and services the HIS in the state-owned, commercial and departmental medical institutions, state health authorities, medical insurance funds, universities and research centers.

The staff of highly-skilled software designers and the vast partners network of “AKSIMED Ltd.”provide for creation, installation and complex technical support of the effective eHealth solutions of any scale – from a single medical institution to the branch or federal network.


Contact information. Igor Lukashov, Marketing & PR Manager. Phone/fax: +7 (495) 645-8690. info@aksimed.ru

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